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About Compass Coins

Welcome to Compass Coins

Remember the first time you found a coin in a cache? You gasped, you paused, you looked over both your shoulders to see if someone was watching. Your heart pounded in your chest and your mind screamed “It’s mine!”

Time stood still!

Slowly, faintly somewhere in the deepest part of your brain, you hear your name, whispering over and over, coming closer, louder and louder. Your startled, the person your caching with is tapping you on the shoulder asking “Are you OK?”

At Compass Coins we want you to feel that feeling with everyone of our designs. We want every coin we craft to give you that experience over and over again.

Our coins, bring a new experience to the cacher. To remind you of an event, an experience, a moment, or a person that changed your life forever. A role model or idol, perhaps a better time and place. With every coin from our gallery, we endeavor to create those experiences in each of our designs.

Our success is measured, not in how many customers who enjoy our craft, or the amount of coins we market, but in the feeling of loss you experience every time you part with one of our memories.

Pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath… and relive the moment.